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A big decision had to be made. I knew it and Jamie knew it.

Before we decided to go east, we revisited areas in BC that were of interest to us as a home base. Immediately, anything with a water view was removed from our list. These west coast properties would not fit the budget we had.

We could still afford a mobile home on Vancouver Island, or in the interior of BC. We had no plans of going into debt again. The Island had a lot of appeal because that’s where we were storing what few possessions we had left. Also, the activities we enjoy on or near the water were readily available, and there were lots of areas to hike and bike.

Did we want to move into remote areas to stay within our budget? For a short time, the answer was … maybe. That’s how Gold River, BC found a way onto our favourites list.

Mision Beach, San Diego, CA

Mision Beach, San Diego, CA


By February 2019, I had perfected my breakfast bowl. With so many unknowns on the road, I started my day the same way. The combination of seeds and grains made me feel good and energized me for another day of indecision. I woke up to this act of creation. I layered hemp hearts and ground flax seed onto my quick oats. I added walnuts or pumpkin seeds, sliced almonds, and “Nutty Nuts,” a generic brand of Grape Nuts cereal. I added berries and vanilla almond milk. Crunch was as important as the level of sweetness.

That got me thinking. Nothing was as important as my breakfast bowl. I put a lot of thought into having the right ingredients on hand. My health wasn’t something I wanted to compromise, and nothing I ate the rest of the day would taste as good. So why was I considering less crunch for a home base? Why did I stop caring about the location of our next home? I was focused on all of the wrong things. I was having this argument with myself that I was focusing on family so how could that be off track? The safest, most comfortable thing wasn’t what I had an appetite for. I knew it and Jamie knew it.

Mission Beach, San Diego, CA

Mission Beach, San Diego, CA

Gold River had a couple of mobiles priced fairly. For at least a week, I considered life back on the Island. I couldn’t shake the feeling that we were backtracking, no matter what I added to the idea. It was time for us to pack up and start the trek north from California to Canada in a week. I felt the decision weighing on me. West coast or east coast?

Next week I’ll cover when we made the final decision, and also where we are heading next.

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  • I have a theory about my food sensitivities. I’m not a doctor, and I’m not giving medical advice. This is simply an opinion I’m sharing. I think the times when my gut flora gets messed up that it’s the tendency to grab comfort foods that cause the intestinal suffering, joint inflammation, and other issues. I don’t think it’s one type of food or another that I have to avoid. I think it’s how my body handles stress, but the symptoms track as if it’s something I ate. Again, I don’t say this to imply that what happens to me is what is happening to anyone else. I’ve come to understand that I can manage my health better by writing about my anxiety. I make better food choices when I know what’s troubling me.

  • When Jamie is happy, I’m happy. It’s the elixir for RV travel and a long marriage.

  • I’ve found several friends online who are on the same author journey that I’m on, and staying connected with these writers while we travel keeps my mind healthy. As an introvert, I may choose to stay quiet, but I always have something on my mind that I want to share.

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