Heading Home

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I wrote about this at the end of Season 2, when we were leaving Canada and going south into the US:

The seasons of A Life Less Burdened change with every turning point of our story.

So here we are at another turning point. This is the end of Season 3, which means it’s time to wrap up our days in San Diego.

Here are some highlights from Season 3:

  • We visited Caduceus Cellars, Merkin Vineyards, and we watched a NASCAR race at ISM Raceway in Phoenix.

  • We watched the sun set, and we watched the sun rise.


These are the lessons that resonated the most with us while we were on the road:

  • We spent a lot of time in survival mode focused on what we had lost. Find the meaning in what you have.

  • We felt separated from the comforts we had in life. Fill life with experiences, not with stuff.

  • We struggled to do nothing and feel good about it. Relaxation is an essential part of living a life less burdened.

  • We still had to make big decisions while on the road. Have an end date for travel, and in our case, have a destination that becomes a home base.

  • Whether it’s in your physical space or your digital space, don’t let things pile up. Deal with digital clutter. So much of our lives are online now.

Season 3 has been about taking a career break. It’s been a transitional period to put ourselves in position to create more than A Life Less Burdened. Jamie is building a library of stock photos and video, and I’m working on several writing projects. I’ve moved into a broader writing community, and soon I’ll be publishing a number of titles. We’ll keep you posted about these opportunities in the coming months.

From California, we continued north back to Vancouver Island (on this leg of the journey we chose an end date for travel and we decided to make Nova Scotia our home base). From Vancouver Island, we went east to the other coast of Canada. Season 4 will be our journey to the end of that road, starting mid-February when we hitched up our Coffee House and left San Diego for Morro Bay.


See you next week for Season 4!

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