Missing Our Angel

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Another week, another vlog. Every time we were sure we knew what the plan was, we documented our thoughts on video. Now we were talking about a lake property.


We used our walks on the beach before the grocery store opened to talk about what life would be like in our new home base. We dreamed about how we were going to get from wintering down south to living up north. On those mornings, we’d leave our comfortable temperature in the trailer, bundle up for the walk, and when we returned a few hours later, our living space would be freezing. We’d see the thermostat registering in the 50s. The electric heater would get cranked up, and we’d quickly feel the temperature rising. The propane furnace was going through too much gas, plus it was noisy and smelly. This is why we switched to electric. San Diego was experiencing a colder winter than average, just like the rest of North America.

We moved out of our house five months earlier, in July of 2018. We still had the same wardrobe. I was in shorts when the sun was out. I needed extra layers for the rainy and overcast days, but my coat remained packed away in one of the benches inside the trailer. We even had frost on the truck windshield some mornings, but when the sun hit the sweet spot directly over us, we enjoyed the heat.

We were over 2100 kms south of Sooke, BC. I wasn’t thinking about decking a tree or hanging mistletoe. One of the last things we put in storage were four Rubbermaid containers of holiday decorations. I had run out of time to go through them so they went into storage. When we’d left the island, I didn’t think I’d need our toilet paper tree topper. Her angel wings are fashioned out of the last couple of sheets on the roll. She is traditionally displayed every year in our home, and she brings joy and happiness to each Kitto Christmas. Not this year. No angel, no joy. We distracted ourselves with plans to renovate a building on lakefront property. I had a lot of fun saving pins for my Pinterest boards.


How would we feel in a week? The more significant question being, of course, where would we be in the spring? How would we feel months later if we didn’t have a permanent address?

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  • I appreciate the freedom we have to wake up tomorrow and make whatever plans make sense to us.

  • I appreciate that I have the tools to write and publish online.

  • I like a slower start to my day, which means Jamie and I are out of sync every morning. Some days it feels like the bed is being made around me. I’m not still sleeping, I’m thinking. We’ve had to work out the best way to both work, read, eat, and get the dishes done. We’re not really out of sync; we simply had to find a rhythm together.

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