Decision Time


This had been a long time coming. Leaving work, downsizing our possessions, selling our home; 2018 began with a number of decisions to make.

We started working with a real estate agent in February, and began a grueling process of letting go. Not just “stuff” had to go, we had to get rid of the comfortable mindset of home ownership and regular paycheques.

A stager came in and helped us to see the house from a buyer’s perspective. We were too minimalistic with our colour palette and art on the walls. What was our home was now a house to sell.

By mid-April, the space was transformed. Professional photos were taken and our property was listed. Within 24 hours we had an accepted offer.

From roughly 1600 square feet of home and living, we began the exhausting challenge of fitting all of it into less than 200 square feet of storage. What we kept now fits into a 20 foot RV trailer, the truck bed and cab of a Ford F150, and a 10 foot shipping container at a self-storage unit located in Sooke, BC.

In 3 1/2 months, we went from talking about changing our life to taking a significant course of action. This is how A Life Less Burdened was born.

Janet Kitto4 Comments