Wireless Network Interrupted

It’s nice to unplug for a few days, to not be trying to make connections online. We learned quickly we had to manage our device usage or we’d run out of data. We have a mobile WiFi hotspot, a shared phone data plan, and free WiFi where we can get it.

The first week of August, having no cell service in many of the areas we traveled through, it was easy to shut all of our devices off. At some point, we needed to be connected to get more books to read, to do our banking, and of course, to set up behind the scenes for our website and to create content for a blog. We may have also snuck online to post photos on social media.

In those early days we asked ourselves, should we enjoy a holiday? It was hard not to float on the water for a few hours, cold drink in hand, and contemplate a question like this. We hadn’t downsized and moved our life into a small travel trailer to keep working and miss out on all of the new scenery and the companionship of the family we were traveling with.


We went from Texas Creek Campground in Gladstone Provincial Park to Nelson, to the Balfour Ferry, to Fort Steele, near Cranbrook, then Revelstoke. We hiked, we went to restaurants and bars, we ate ice cream and rode a steam train. We saw a stage show in Fort Steele, a living history heritage town, we rode a gondola, rode the Pipeline Coaster at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, and we swatted away big angry horse flies on the trails. You can see photos from some of these locations on our Facebook page.

There would be time for rebuilding work habits and creating A Life Less Burdened. There would be time to connect with everyone and to search for a home base where we could park The Coffee House at the end of our travels. When I stopped looking for the answers to everything, I spent less time online and enjoyed more sunsets.

While we were camping at Fort Steele Resort and RV Park, we fed emus on the property. They like ice cream cones, the crunchy cone part, minus the ice cream. We bought these in the general store at the campground. Did you know these creatures make an alien sound when they’re fighting? Like something out of a Ridley Scott movie. They’re very aggressive. There were three we were feeding, and two of them ganged up on the other one. The following video shows Jamie making sure this emu had a treat.

Now, for fun! Tell us what crazy adventure you’re going to go on.

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  • Unplug for Kool Treats. We discovered a great family owned drive-in near Christina Lake. The burgers were delicious, and the milkshakes were heavenly. If you go into Gladstone Provincial Park, make a stop at Kool Treat.

  • Free WiFi at RV resorts and privately owned campgrounds is not secure and is unreliable. Consider using a VPN (a virtual private network) to protect your information. We use NordicVPN with double encryption to ensure top-level privacy and security. With over 5000 servers in 62 countries, our device browsers are shielded from hackers and surveillance. If you want to learn more, there is an exclusive deal for you that is risk-free and includes a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Never underestimate the peaceful qualities of lake life.

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