We are husband and wife (over 30 years)

on a journey to find a life less burdened.

Set up in Penticton, BC. August, 2018.

Set up in Penticton, BC. August, 2018.

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Janet was born on Vancouver Island, Jamie in Newfoundland. Jamie bounced around from military base to military base as a child. They met in their late teens in Victoria, BC.

Jamie worked in the military and in IT to provide for his family. Janet did a little bit of everything, always putting family first. They spent their 20s, 30s, and 40s in Alberta, and returned to Vancouver Island when their daughter chose a post-secondary Art school in Vancouver.

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Janet is a storyteller and creator of Circle Island, an eight-book fictional series about family life and the power of love.

Jamie is a videographer and photographer recording their journey for A Life Less Burdened.



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